As a registered nutritionist and an earnest educator of accurate, scientific and evidence-based information I have been on a lifelong mission to help the general public, and individual clients, to improve their overall nutrition and long-term health,. Therefore I feel I have to mention the ‘microbiome’ in this New Year’s Blog. I am confident that you will hear much more about it in 2019. Considerable investment of resources are being spent on researching the ‘second brain’.

I am referring to the ‘Gut Microbiome’. We are learning, almost on a weekly basis, through the numerous studies that are being published in peer-reviewed journals, that our gut microbiome is central to numerous aspects of our health including a healthy digestion, but also our body’s immune function, sugar regulation, mood, mental health; and, it is even being suggested that the development of conditions such as Alzheimers and Leukaemia are influenced by our gut microbiome.

What is it?  Our Gut Microbiome is made up of the millions upon millions of bacteria and other microorganisms which inhabit our intestine and whose balance and ‘behaviour’ affect our overall health and wellbeing.

It is apparent that we need to give greater attention to it and to learn to look after it, nourish it and respect it through our diet and lifestyle choices. This is an area of passion of mine and I want everyone to enjoy the longterm health benefits of learning how to look after their internal ecosystem of  bacteria.

Whether you have a chornic health issue, or not, it may well be worth considering your gut microbiome by protecting it or modulating it.