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Practical Nutrition to Improve your Health


Tamara runs engaging and interactive workshops and group talks to audiences of young sports competitors in both schools and county academies and clubs.

Tamara has delivered presentations to swim clubs, netball academies, running clubs, touring athletes and provided nutrition coaching to an Olympic swimmer in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games. She has also supported school teachers in the delivery of healthy eating education, and is a member of the working group for Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Smart Exeter initiative.

Her workshops cover a range of subjects including:

⦁ Basic nutrition and our body’s needs

⦁ Your gut and meeting its needs

⦁ Nutrition for training and performance

⦁ An apple a day keeps the doctor away

⦁ Nutrition, hydration and sleep

⦁ Energy and blood sugar slumps

⦁ The P word

⦁ Is feeling ‘good’ good enough?

⦁ Making friends with our bacteria

⦁ Eating Rubbish? Feeling Rubbish?

⦁ Sugar, sugar, everywhere. Are you sugar aware?

Tamara can tailor presentations and workshops to your groups’ needs. To find out more and for a pricing structure please get in touch today.

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Venmore Farm, Woodbury, Exeter, England, EX5 1LD (07710229904)