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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be confident that consulting a Nutritionist can benefit me?

I believe that we can all improve our nutrition. I invite all clients to have a free 10-15 minute telephone call to discuss the primary nutritional concerns/needs before booking an appointment. If I do not think my advice or support would be helpful, I may suggest an alternative approach.

Will you just ply me with lots of supplements?

I try to educate my clients to understand how to get a full spectrum of all the essential nutrients without the need for taking supplements, however in some cases I may recommend a supplement for the ‘short term’ to help support you while you establish better eating habits.

I am conscious of cost; how many times would I need to see you?

Very often a single session can be enough to get someone ‘on track’ with a sensible eating plan. If the nutritional needs are more complex then one or two follow-up sessions may be required.

Will the cost of my shopping increase with all the ‘added extras’ you’ll be recommending?

My recommendations are based on fresh, unprocessed foods. The cost of your shopping basket will, essentially, be the same, you will just be spending your money on different things.

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