Practical nutrition to improve your health

Good advice can last a lifetime

Good nutrition is the basis of good health. With so much information about diet and healthy eating – and so many conflicting views – it can be hard to know if you are getting it right.

Tamara Bennett is a Public Health Nutritionist with 25 years’ experience. Based in Devon, she offers nutritional consultations to individuals and nutrition talks and workshops to groups of varying size.

Tamara offers evidence-based personalised advice on nutrition and combines this with practical and sustainable lifestyle recommendations. Explained in easy-to-understand terms, Tamara’s guidance enables you to make the right choices and leaves you feeling confident with what to eat and how to incorporate her advice into your daily life.

Tamara in the kitchen
Vegetables on a chopping board

Whether you are struggling with an ongoing health problem or seeking clarity on how to best nourish your body, it’s time to increase control over, and improve, your nutrition. Contact Tamara today for a no-obligation initial discussion.

Venmore Farm, Woodbury, Exeter, England, EX5 1LD (07710229904)