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Diet Can Influence Sleep

Sleep is crucial to each and every one of us: It is when we are asleep that our body is ‘programmed’ to do much of the cell repair and regeneration required to keep us healthy. For some lucky individuals sleep comes easily – and they can fall into a deep slumber...

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Brew Your Own Kombucha

Kombucha Brewing Instructions To make one litre of Kombucha using a ‘medium’ scoby (i.e. a kombucha culture). If you are not starting your brew immediately please store your scoby somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.  Not in the fridge. In readiness for...

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An Introduction to Kombucha

An Introduction to Kombucha:  Care and Advice. If you have recently been introduced to Kombucha you may have a few questions: In this blog, I hope to answer a some common ones. Note: This advice refers only to home brewed or artisan Kombucha – not commercially made...

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Vitamin D: October – March

In 2016 the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (a body of independent experts that advise Government on matters relating to diet, nutrition and health) reviewed the data on vitamin D which led the NHS to make “new recommendations” for Vitamin D supplementation...

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How can a nutritionist help me?

We can help you with the following: Gut and digestive issues Weight problems Skin problems Stress related disorders Immunological issues Lethargy, energy and concentration problems Binge eating disorders Advice on supplementation We'd love to hear from...

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