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Good advice can last a lifetime

How many consultations will I need?

This depends on the complexity of your current nutritional needs. Quite often a single session can be enough. Sometimes a follow-up session is needed, and occasionally a series of appointments might be required. Tamara’s philosophy is that no one-size fits all, so each person’s needs will differ. She believes in empowering you to manage your action plan on your own – for you to walk away feeling equipped to manage your eating and confident in constructing your own meal plan.

Tamara’s advice – even from a single consultation – can last you a lifetime.

She also offers support via email or text outside of scheduled appointments to a reasonable level at no extra cost.

What to expect from a consultation

Tamara’s guidance is based on robust scientific evidence and research. No gimmicks, no unsustainable diets. She believes that real health comes from real food. She will shape your action plan to suit your likes, dislikes, personality and lifestyle, and she’ll also look beyond your diet exploring your sleep, exercise habits and any supplements you may be taking.

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How much does a nutrition consultation cost?

Before the initial consultation, Tamara will ask you to fill out and return a comprehensive health questionnaire, so she can research and prepare for your appointment.

Initial consultations (1.5 hours)

At your initial consultation Tamara will discuss with you in detail your health concerns and goals, including current diet and lifestyle, symptoms and personal and family histories.

You will work together to plan some achievable and sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle, and you’ll leave with these diet and lifestyle recommendations. This could include referrals to other health care practitioners, recipes and possibly supplement recommendations. Price – £60

Follow-up consultations (1 hour): These usually take place two to four weeks following your initial or previous consultation. At your follow-up appointment you will review your progress and plan further diet and lifestyle changes to get you closer to your health goals.

For an initial discussion or to find out whether a nutritional consultation could benefit you, contact Tamara.

If she feels she cannot help you, she will refer you to others who can.

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